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Orbea Take a Huge Win in THE CAPE EPIC 2022!!!

Two young people, a challenge and a dream: to win the Cape Epic 2022. Lukas Baum and Georg Egger have surprised the entire world with their impressive performance in the MTB Tour de France that we have recorded in the video it presents today, entitled “Ride. Fight. Win.” that we premiere today.

Inspired by their victories at the Costa Blanca Bike Race and the Mediterranean Epic, Lukas and Georg entered the Cape Epic with enthusiasm, ambition, and firmly believing in their chances to do battle.

Never before have we seen a team like the Speed Company Racing: a challenger, always on the attack, persistent in its goal, and humble in manner. The riders have offered an unprecedented show to everyone who loves MTB, beating the odds and reaching the finish line on their Oiz ahead of the strong favorites.

It’s a story of overcoming obstacles and believing in your chances that Orbea sets out in the video “Ride, Fight, Win”.

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